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When/where are the classes and how long are they?


Core module classes will be held Thursdays and Saturdays at our studio in Logan Square. On Thursdays, Doors open at 630pm for settling and social time, class starts at 7:00 sharp. We end around 10:00. On Saturdays, doors open at 3:30, and class runs 4-7.

When are the open practices/jams?

Sundays from 4-7pm, Tuesdays from 730-10.

Open Studio is open to current students and their guests, and studio members with open studio memberships.

What is the cost for the cohort course?

Tuition is $220 per tying pair for 4 weeks of classes (so $200 per month per tying pair for the 3 month module). We do not turn anyone away for financial reasons, so if that is inaccessible to you, please feel free to talk to us to work something out. Our intermediate/advanced class on Wednesday evenings is $220 per month per tying pair to attend every week, or $110 to attend twice per month.

Do I need to apply with a partner?

Students should apply as a top/bottom partnership for each module/class they are attending. If you are a top attending an intermediate/suspension class with a bottom who didn’t take our earlier classes with us, it is your responsibility to make sure they are caught up on bottoming skills, practice time in rope, risk awareness, communication, judgment, etc. If you need help having that conversation, let us know and we can help guide you. If you are struggling to find a single dedicated partner, talk to us and we'll see if we can help you work something out.

What happens if I can’t make it to a class?

You might be able to make it up the next month if we are repeating the module you are taking, or you can just come to the open practices/jams and get caught up by a fellow student or one of the instructors, if they have time, or book a private lesson (not included in monthly tuition). Extensive written class guides and videos of the class exercises are provided after each class.

Are there any non-technical requirements to remain in the course?

Students will be expected to maintain exemplary ethical conduct in the community and abide by HK's written code of conduct, guidelines for community citizenship, and statement of values. Students may be asked to leave the program after serious and unresolved violations of our code of conduct and values.

Is sexual play allowed?

We feel that rope can potentially be a sexual and erotically charged activity.  While we encourage all of our students to fully express themselves in rope in their personal practice, no nudity or sexual engagement is allowed in the studio. Street legal dress must be maintained at all times and no play other than rope exercises for class is allowed - this is an educational environment and not a play space.

Can I have one of the facilitators give my partner a rope experience (i.e. bondage ride)?

While we believe that having an experienced rope top can sometimes enhance a rope bottoms journey, that comes to close to our policy of not playing with students and therefore we cannot provide that type of experience.


Do you teach private lessons?

We sure do. This might be a fit for you if the module schedule doesn’t align with yours, or if you feel you learn best with a lot of 1:1 attention. Email us at for more info.

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