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Free Public Educational Resources

This is a current list of our free public resources. Please feel free to use and share with attribution :)

The following materials are excerpts from our core curriculum. Our class materials are a living document that we constantly update to account for our evolving perspectives, new information we learn, and feedback from our students and teachers. Feel free to email us with your feedback at

HK Beginner Guide

A general guide intended to help beginners orient themselves.

Includes some history and cultural context for Japanese rope bondage, some information on rope selection and use, rope processing, basic physical safety, basic emotional safety, single column ties, double column ties, and some basic rigging safety guidelines.

HK New Bottom's Safety Guide

A guide specifically intended to address critical basic information that new bottoms should have before getting tied in order to make informed decisions about risk and advocate for themselves.

Includes physical and emotional safety, nerve anatomy and safety, and some basic rigging safety guidelines.

HK Rope Bottoms Physical Preparation and Maintenance Guide


A guide we wrote in collaboration with a local physical therapist to put together a physical therapy based program that can help rope bottoms improve their experience in rope and reduce the risk of shoulder injury from practicing suspension over the long term.


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