Our Values


Heartland Kinbaku believes in promoting values based rope community. That means in addition to our love of rope, we want to unite around shared values that help us all be better rope artists, better partners and friends, and better humans.

Our Values:


We believe in working to embody our values in all aspects of life.  We strive to do what is right, not what is easy.


We want to create space where people can meet as equals. We proactively work to see power imbalances and address them where we can.

We all make mistakes. We believe in taking responsibility for our behavior and being aware of the impact of our choices. We strive to ask for help, to be open to hearing feedback and to be transparent in our attempt to be better.    

We recognize the many ways that rope communities and education can be inaccessible. HK as an educational program will work to make it possible to participate for all individuals who desire to do so.

We work to create a learning environment where each individual feels welcome and empowered. We seek to honor the experience of all students and hold space for people to show up as their authentic selves.



We work to approach people we interact with in a way that validates and acknowledges their individual experiences. We desire to navigate situations in a way that leaves everyone feeling seen, heard, and cared for, regardless of the outcome.


Comprehensive Curriculum:

We believe that rope education is more than just learning to tie patterns. We are committed to teaching and exploring cultural context, history, emotional dynamics, critical thinking, anatomy/physiology, and social/community dynamics as they pertain to rope play.

We hope to live by these values to the very best of our abilities and we hope our students will try to do the same. If you have questions or concerns about any of the above, feel free to talk to us and share your thoughts! We are always evolving and learning and love to hear feedback and discuss these important issues.

Credit: These values are drawn from the values established by the new steering committee of NARIX in Fall 2018. SweetZephyr is a steering committee member and helped collaborate on generating these. They are borrowed and adapted for HK with permission from the committee.