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Private Lessons

For local students, we offer private lesson memberships as well as private lessons by the hour. See booking link below.

For students outside of Chicago, we offer residential private tuition weekends. Students may fly into Chicago, stay in a hotel or in our guest room, and work with us for 10 hours over 3-4 days to receive individual attention and guidance to advance their practice.

For pricing and more info, email us at



Local Private Lessons

For students local to the Chicago area, we offer private lessons by hour, as well as private lesson memberships at our studio.

For private lessons by the hour, please email us at info(at) to discuss your goals and how we can fit them with what we can offer. Our private instruction rates are $100/hour with Zach, $75/hour with ClaraRosa, and $50/hour with our apprentice instructors.

Private lesson memberships give you unlimited access to open studio as well as 1 or 2 private lessons per month.

Register for once a month private lesson membership.

Register for twice a month private lesson membership.

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