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Remote/In-Person Hybrid Program

Online rope education during the pandemic has proliferated to meet the needs of people who aren't able to attend classes. We feel that online rope education can potentially be a substantial benefit for accessibility, but based on our years of experience, we lack confidence that it is possible for most students to self teach themselves to a comparable level of safety, skill, and fluency to what they would achieve with in person instruction.

We are experimenting with a remote/in-person hybrid program to help bridge this gap between accessibility and quality of education.

We have a 200 page guide detailing the bulk of the relevant information for our 6 month core curriculum, along with videos of nearly every exercise being taught to a live class.

Apply here.


The program works as follows.


General Logistics

-Students should apply as a partnership.

-While this program is intended to cover our full core curriculum, it is also possible to start with module 1 content only and then decide if you want to proceed. Please indicate your preference below

-The curriculum is structured as a 6 month program with zoom learning sessions every 2 weeks. Applicants will be grouped into mini cohorts of 2 to 4 pairs to go through the program together. In person sessions will happen at the beginning of months 4 and 6. Exact timing of zoom sessions and intensives will be up to each cohort to select at the beginning. Make up sessions will be available in the event of occasional scheduling conflict.

-Tuition cost for the program is $1,400 total per partnership, billed in monthly installments of $233. Scholarships/tuition reduction may be available in cases where the tuition is a financial barrier.

-If something comes up in life that interferes with their ability to commit to the program, the student may terminate their enrollment, with the option of joining back in on a future program cycle.

-If the structured cohort version of this program does not work for you, a higher cost, custom schedule, 1:1 program is available. Choose this option on the application form and we'll contact you to discuss possibilities.


Remote Educational Logistics

-Students will receive detailed written guides and videos for each month's content at the beginning of the month

-Students should read the guides, watch the videos, and attempt exercises as directed by their instructor. They should regularly post photos of their exercises in our Discord "RS-photos" channel.

-Students will need a laptop with a front facing camera, a phone with a tripod (two phones with tripods could also work), an approximately 6x6 open floor space, and two zoom accounts.

-Students will require a home suspension point starting at the end of month 3. We have resources to help you build one for under $200, or you can buy a commercial tripod.

-Remote cohorts will meet at a mutually agreed upon schedule twice a month for instructors to review ties and observe students and provide feedback. Make up sessions for missed remote classes or occasional 1:1 sessions with the lead instructor of the organization are available as well.

-Students can also use our discord to post questions and receive support from other students, TAs, or instructors of the organization at any time.


In-Person Educational Logistics

-Students will need to meet with their instructor in person for a weekend at the end of the 3rd month (early Module 2) and at the beginning of Module 3 (month 6). Instructors are currently available in Chicago and Portland. Students can indicate their preference in the form below.

-Students are responsible for covering their own travel costs, accommodations costs, and possibly space costs (Chicago has no space costs) for in person intensives. This is not included in tuition.

-Students should plan on intensive in person work with their instructor Saturday and Sunday for 4-5 hours each.

COVID Note: we require all students who participate in in-person programming to be up to date on their vaccinations, including the most recent booster they are eligible for. Additional measures, such as rapid testing, PCR testing, and wearing an N95 during lessons, may be required based on current circumstances at the time of in-person lessons.

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